Update: May 11, 2023

We’re happy to let you know that designs for outdoor community spaces at the future Hornsby Bend Health & Wellness Center have been finalized and approved. Based on what we heard from the community, we've included some exciting outdoor amenities, such as:

Inclusive playground - The Hornsby Bend Health & Wellness Center’s playground is designed so that children of all abilities can play together.

Inclusive play helps kids develop important understanding and social skills, which can help them develop into happy and healthy adults. You can learn more about our playground supplier, WeBuildFun, at their website WeBuildFun.com.

Inclusive elements include a “whirl," similar to a traditional merry-go-round, but is level with the ground and accommodating of two wheelchairs with an additional seat for a caregiver. The design also includes musical instruments that can be used by all children. The traditional playground equipment such as forts and slides will be connected by accessible ramps for kids of all abilities.

Click here to preview the playground.

Outdoor adult fitness area - Members of the community and the Hornsby Bend Health & Wellness Advisory Committee chose the winning fitness circuit design. A circuit is a back-to-back series of exercises with short breaks moving from station to station. This can burn a lot of calories quickly and engage the cardiovascular system.

Trekfit, a leader in recreational and fitness design, will install circuit equipment that’s designed to blend in with natural and urban settings. The circuit will allow users to customize their workouts to their fitness level, with clear instructions at each station for warm-up, workout, and stretching phases.

Click here to preview the fitness area.

Nature trail - A half-mile nature trail was added after we heard from the community that there's a great need for safer walking routes in Hornsby Bend. This will be a great place to take a walk or get some exercise with your pet or family.

Click here to preview the trail.

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